Improving performance by enabling businesses to maximise the potential of their most valuable asset…
their people

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People Development, Team Building, Sales Training, Coaching, Engagement, Wellbeing, Psychometric Assessments, Communication Skills, Self Awareness and Modifying Behaviour

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Paul Lillywhite is the founder of Lillywhite Consultancy Limited. He uses the expertise gained from a highly successful career of over 40 years working in a variety of roles and industries to offer bespoke training and coaching to individuals and/or teams.

Using the most up to date science and proven methods including psychometric profiling, skills assessment and training, 360 degree and a unique engagement survey/solution system that firstly assesses an organization and then provides a readymade toolkit to help managers improve their result. Businesses will find their employees more motivated skilled and driven to succeed.

We understand that team dynamics can be complicated. As an external and impartial partner we are able to build a team that TRUST each other, handle CONFLICT to give positive outcomes. They hold each other ACCOUNTABLE, they are COMMITTED and they are focussed on a shared GOAL.

People are a business’s most important asset, they set the foundations and scaffolding to allow the business to grow. They need to be recruited correctly, nurtured and allowed to develop with the business.

Paul has over 20 years of experience in this field, he understands how to interpret, and apply the information contained in a wide variety of assessments. Lillywhite Consultancy can tailor their services to enable your business to achieve the results you want.

Our Services

Self Awareness Training

Using the science of psychometric assessments to develop self awareness in individuals and teams to improve understanding of others collaboration and communication skills. He is a true believer in people asking the question “so What?” – it is what you do differently that makes the difference, but to do that you need to understand yourself your strengths, preferences and potential limitations.

Staff Engagement

In partnership with an organisation called Better Place to Work we have the tools not only to measure engagement in the workplace but also the tools to help individuals to take ownership of their own well being, to develop and improve themselves. creating an environment where the question “What am I going to do?” and NOT “What is management going to do?” becomes the norm.

Sales Training

Sales Training with a difference, combining sales process with understanding the sales environment, understanding the sales person and understanding the customer.

Selling is about building trust and building relationships, we truly believe everyone in an organization is capable of selling, in different ways to different customers but still Selling. Give me a call to find out how

Coaching / Mentoring

Paul is very aware that being at the top of your organisation can be a very lonely place sometimes? He knows how important it is to have someone to trust and believe in your convictions, someone to give you an unbiassed opinion – a sounding board for your thoughts and ideas.


Do you want to develop your team?
People are more likely to feel part of a team if they feel valued and their input is respected and considered. We will come into your business and facilitate meetings to give people the chance to get an understanding of each other’s work, giving everyone the opportunity to discuss their challenges and support the development of a strong team.

Real team building isn’t about a single event but how teams operate on a day to day basis, strong teams are built on excellent management.

Assessment Services

Covering a whole range of applications encountered during the life cycle of an employee:

DISC – A work placed behavioural inventory for individuals, jobs and teams.

GIA – General Intelligence Assessment – measures Aptitude/Ability

TEIQue – Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire – measures Emotional Intelligence

HPTI – High Performance Trait Indicator measures workplace Personality

360 and Team Audit – gather performance feedback from your Manager, peers and even customers

Engagement Survey – establish the levels of staff engagement within your organization and apply a readymade toolkit to improve and refine your score.

PVP/CVP – Measure both personal and corporate values which can be assessed, analysed and contrasted.

“I have been privileged to work with Paul on a number of occasions. He is incredibly professional in his approach to work and his client care is second to none. I have always found him to have a wide ranging knowledge and is pleased to share and support. He has supported a number of assessment centres and development projects with me. It always a genuine pleasure to work with him.”

Pauline Garnett, HR Director, DMC Mining Services UK Limited


“An outstandingly knowledgable professional, with great skills and a can-do attitude. No request is ever too much! This guy knows his stuff!”

Aisling Murray

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